about us

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At Learning Solutions for Learning Success, we base all of our practices in clinical research, combined with our collective experience of over 25 years.

Our team includes speech and language pathologists, psychologists, educator/learning specialist, clinical social workers, and occupational therapists.

Our team works together in our evaluations to provide a picture of the whole person. We collaborate with other professionals such as doctors, teachers, and mental health colleagues.

We are then able to recommend the customized support each client needs, taking into account the way that person thinks, feels, reasons and experiences the world around them.  

The findings are compiled into a comprehensive report that can be used in all areas of a client’s life, including school, home, work, and relationships.

Learning Solutions for Learning Success can also provide psychotherapy, speech and language therapy, consultation to schools, coaching, and programs to aid the client’s progress.

We truly believe that the key to helping our clients is to understand the complexity of the issues they face, and to give them the tools they need to conquer those challenges.